• “Zero Rating and Vertical Content Foreclosure,” with Thomas Jeitschko and Aleksandr Yankelevich. Information Economics and Policy (2021, [Download])
  • “Direct Interconnection and Investment Incentives for Content Quality.” Review of Network Economics 18(3) (2020, [Download])

Working Paper

  • “Data Neutrality and Market Competition.” with Hanming Fang. (September 2021, [Download])
  • “Merger with a Maverick Firm: Examining the Coordinated Effects of the AA/USAir Merger.” with Yongjoon Park. (September 2021, [Download])
  • “An Impossible Trinity in Blockchain-based Transactions: Decentralization, Privacy, and Lower Transaction Costs.” (Under Review, [Download])
  • “Privacy, Information Acquisition, and Market Competition.” (Under Review, [Download])
  • “Quality Differentiation and Optimal Pricing Strategy in Multi-Sided Markets,” with Pallavi Pal (Under Review,  [Download])
  • “Move Order in Hotelling Models of Platform Markets,” with Thomas Jeitschko and Aleksandr Yankelevich. (DICE Discussion Paper No 286, [Download])

Work in Progress

  • “Payment Card Networks Structure and its Consequences.” with Hanna Halaburda and Oleksandr “Alex” Shcherbakov.

—Coming soon!

  • “Using Porting Data as Proxy for Diversion Ratios in Merger Assessment.” with Patrick DeGraba and Aleksandr Yankelevich.

—Coming soon!

  • “Net Neutrality and Welfare Effects of Discrimination on Either or Both the Content Side and the User Side.” with Romain Lestage.

—Coming soon!